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Let Our FamilyCare For Your Family!

Welcome to Henry Delclos, DDS

Your child’s early dental experiences set the tone for their feelings about oral healthcare for the rest of their life.

That’s why it’s essential your child has nothing but positive associations with seeing the dentist, from their first visit. We understand the importance of early impressions; Dr. Henry Delclos and our pediatric dental team deliver only painless, compassionate dental care in a positive and reassuring environment.

We are skilled at working with toddlers, children, and teens, helping each person learn that a visit to the dentist is nothing to worry about. In fact, we have created a safe, fun office space which many children actually look forward to visiting! They arrive full of excitement, and can hardly wait to tell our team about their latest adventures and triumphs. Our staff members look forward to hearing the latest news, talking, laughing, and bonding with the patient during those conversations.

Our practice focuses on delivering personal care to each patient, working with them to find the right preventive care to keep their mouth healthy from the get-go.
We also emphasize patient and parent education, knowing that the sooner a child starts taking care of their teeth the right way, as well as eating healthy foods and developing good habits, they are better for their smile in the long run.

Some of the care offered at Henry Delclos, DDS includes:

As a family-friendly practice, we welcome parents to accompany their child into our treatment areas and be by their side during the child’s visit, if they wish. We also explain every treatment process before starting, and encourage questions, providing answers that are easy to understand.

To schedule a visit for your child at our Sugar Land, TX pediatric dental office, where we serve patients from Missouri City, Richmond, and surrounding communities, please call. Dr. Delclos and our team can’t wait to meet your child, and start them on the path to healthy teeth for a lifetime of beautiful smiles!

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